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How the Timber Ridge Brand of All Natural Omega 3 Products got started

November 8, 2018


I first started my company in 2006 with the great idea of personalized bottled water. It was a great idea and I made some profits.  However, in the housing crash of 2008, personalized water was a luxury that people were no longer interested in.


Since I owned a cargo van (nicked named, the Yellow Bus), I searched the web to see if any industry was growing and all fingers were pointing to the wonderful health market industry.  So, I found some local and national health market products; I change my companies name from Stone City Bottled Water to Stone City Distribution and started delivering to local independent retailers and chain stores. 


I continue to distribute direct store delivery view locations however, I was interested in developing my own line of products. That is when in 2012, I met Pete Woltz, the owner of the Timber Ridge Cattle Company located in Osceola, Iowa. Pete was feeding his cattle a ration of flax seed making his beef sticks naturally fortified with omega 3's. I found this idea not only interesting but a concept that should to be developed into other omega 3 products.


Since that day in 2012, Pete and I not only became friends, we started partnering with one another on the development of new products for the Timber Ridge Brand and today we have not only several beef products but cheese and egg products as well. Please View my product line and learn how you can start getting your omega 3's in the foods you love to eat! If you like this post please share. Thank you.


Look for my next weeks post to find out how you can order a delicious omega 3 prime rib and cheese/meat trays for your holiday parties. 

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