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Our Cheese

High in Omega 3 -  45 mg  per one ounce serving

Our Farmhouse Ale is Belgian Style and fabulous just by itself. We are one of a kind with this cheese. 8 oz. package $5.00 ea.

Our Smoked Bacon makes an excellent pair with our omega-3 eggs. 8 oz. package $5.00 ea.

Our spicy Jalapeno with just enough heat adds a little spice to a omega-3 ground beef burger 8 oz. package $5.00 ea.

Top off your omega-3 steak with grilled mushrooms, onions and our creamy Havarti Cheese. 8 oz. package $5.00 ea.

Get extra healthy protein by topping off your grilled or pan seared chicken breast with our hand crafted Artichoke and Spinach Farmstead Cheese.  8 oz. package $5.00 ea.