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All Natural * No Hormones * No Antibiotics 

"Keeping our cattle healthy is important to the Timber Ridge Brand, that is why we feed them the high in OMEGA 3 "Great O" feed!" . 

L. Boge, Co-Owner

           Beef Sticks                             Beef Jerky                       Summer Sausage            Beef Cuts & Ground Beef


Each Beef Stick is made from 90% lean beef and packaged in 1 oz. portions. These tasty treats are pretty near perfect. They have just the right amount of chew and the flavors are fantastic.  You can enjoy each one of the 10 flavors available. Click on the image to learn more and buy on line. 

Timber Ridge jerky is of the ground and formed variety. It’s chewy, but relatively moist in comparison to jerky that uses larger cuts. Timber Ridge offers three flavors: Original, Peppered and Audacious (Sweet & Spicy). The thinly formed strips are individually sealed in .75 oz packages. Enjoy one of the three flavors. Click on the image to learn more and buy online.

Packaged in 8 oz. sausages, Timber Ridge produces a classic summer sausage. The super lean beef yields a product very similar to the venison sausages I grew up eating in the Midwest. The texture is about the same as the beef sticks. It slices easily, but still requires a bit of chew. Available in both Original and Jalapeno flavors, this type of sausage is great with cheese and crackers. Click on the image to learn more and buy online. 

Our Ground Beef is packaged in one pound units. It is an 85/15 blend that is a double grind. The flavor is enhanced from the omega 3 in the Great O feed giving it a smooth delicious flavor and easy to chew. Best of all the fat is of the healthy kind (unsaturated)

and with each 4 oz. serving you get 80 mg of omega-3.

Our beef cuts are in whole primal portions and sold at wholesale pricing which you won't find at your local retail grocer.